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Top 8 Graphic Design Trends That Will Dominate 2024

Graphic Design Trends

Graphic design communicates ideas or messages via the use of textual and visual components including typography, photography, iconography, and illustration, all of which affect how we see the world. With the use of these visual and linguistic signals, it is most frequently used for initiatives, events, campaigns, or goods with the goal of assisting the producer in establishing a connection with their target customer.

There is constant change in graphic design trends. Making a strong first impression is not the only thing your product package or labeling design does. It satisfies a variety of commercial objectives while educating consumers and establishing a brand's identity. Teams should thus coordinate their thoughts and understanding of all factors to produce a final visual design following modern graphic design trends that are functional for all.

3D Type & Bubble Text

We should definitely expect to see a lot more 3D-type graphic design trends for 2024, especially in the form of "bubble text." In recent years, bubble text has been increasingly popular in designs as a means of bringing a fun, attractive, and joyous element to audiences. It is becoming more attractive with the combined work of 3D animation.

Simplicity of Vintage Design

Another 2024 graphic design trend we will likely see a lot of the time is a simple vintage design, which is a tribute to previous generations and may also be an attempt to portray the past eras and honor those previous days. This style is all about keeping your designs basic and employing nostalgic color schemes to make eye-catching yet understated designs.

Cartoon Illustration

For the majority of the past ten years, cartoon illustrations have played a significant role in the graphic design business. Cartoon illustration might be challenging to balance cartoon pictures correctly. Cartoon-illustrated brands typically play around with their other characters.

In the trends in graphic design, cartoon illustrations will continue to be popular for a very long time. Custom cartoon characters provide many creative opportunities, therefore it has to be said that this will be one of the big graphic design trends in 2024. Using graphic design tools to generate cartoon illustrations is one of the easiest methods to do it.

Inclusive Images

2024 graphic design trends have accepted their duty to represent the genuine variety of the globe. Visual components that celebrate a wider range of racial and ethnic backgrounds, genders, physical attributes, and abilities are being incorporated by designers.

This dedication to inclusion extends beyond simple representation; it involves producing images that connect with the real-life experiences of a wide range of viewers.


In graphic design, texture may be used to produce a visually fascinating image that appeals to the viewer's primal senses of touch, taste, and feeling. To create a realistic feel, modern graphic design trends of 2024 will have a lot more texture, especially in typography.

Changing Colors & Abstract Gradients

Although gradients are nothing new in graphic design, we look forward to a more stunning version of the scene's typical color changes in graphic design trends 2024. While the changes between two colors may give your work a more outstanding look, gradients allow you to add bright, strong colors to your design without controlling the audience's minds.


A childhood scrapbook filled to the bursting with textures, personal handwritten notes, and memories is such an enjoyable experience to flip through. It looks like 2024 graphic design trends will see a lot more of the latest graphic design trends. Picture a website with textures comparable to candid photos along with some written content in a colorful hand-drawn font. Imagine a brochure that is loaded with old-fashioned memories, each piece mirroring the pleasant tactile feelings of the past. This style aims to stir up feelings, build relationships, and give you a glimpse into the designer's personal inspiration file in addition to being aesthetically pleasing.

AR Trends

In the latest graphic design trends for 2024, augmented reality (AR) has a very bright future. AR will become a crucial aspect of our everyday lives as technology develops, changing the way we see and engage with the environment. This future will be shaped by graphic designers, who will use their creativity and technological knowledge to create engaging, inspiring, and educational experiences. The combination of graphic design with augmented reality (AR) will be going to bring a new era of creativity, bringing with it unimaginable opportunities and changing the way we see the visual world. With the trends of augmentation of the future, we may expect an amazing and visually stunning journey.

AR will encourage global cooperation among creatives, including designers and painters. Visual components and 3D models may be cooperatively manipulated by designers working together in real-time. By pushing the limits of visual arts, the collaborative aspect of AR design will foster the birth of new creative approaches and concepts.

Conclusion - Graphic Design Trends

Keeping up with trends is essential for being up-to-date and engaging audiences in the continuously changing field of graphic design. As 2024 graphic design trends, a number of significant trends are expected to take center stage and influence how both individuals and companies tell their visual stories.

Designers must adopt these trends while maintaining their individual vision and creative voice. We can create a design landscape that is not only physically appealing but also socially and environmentally dedicated by consistently experimenting, adapting, and pushing limits.

If you want to stay up to date about the latest graphic design trends, you must be aware of the use of the tools that are used in designs. Otherwise, you can contact the expert team of WorkLooper Consultants Inc. for any kind of help related to trending graphic design services.  


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