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10 Must-Have Digital Marketing Tools For Growth In 2023

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Digital Marketing Tools

Today's marketers are fortunate to have access to a wealth of the best digital marketing tools that can help us learn more about our clients, rivals, and markets.

By delivering automated relevant, real-time marketing communications that are integrated across digital devices and conventional marketing channels, these strategic digital tools assist us in competing to win and retain customers.

Our updated 2023 essential digital marketing tools and techniques lists will categorise marketing technology along with choices and help to highlight the variety of excellent options.

The Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools for Starting a Business

We've gathered some tried-and-true tools to keep an eye on and think about to include in your digital Marketing analytics tools.


Simplicity is the height of sophistication, according to Steve Jobs. With its sophisticated platform, Canva, a digital marketing tools 2023 creates design components simple and easy. Don't worry if you struggle with stick figures. Without any specialised knowledge, you can select and edit a design from the Canva repository to produce an exquisite, pixel-perfect design. Canva also offers video, infographics, and graphic animation. Although Canva has a free plan, upgrading to a paid plan is definitely worthwhile.


Although HubSpot provides a wide range of tools for digital marketing, its CRM is particularly well-liked due to its powerful features. The HubSpot CRM offers live chat, prospect tracking, meeting scheduling, and email tracking and notifications. On top of that, the ease of use of HubSpot's platform sets it apart from competitors. The fact that the HubSpot CRM tool is free is its best feature. Unfortunately, the free plan's limitation on the number of users who can access the CRM is a drawback. The paid plan, however, allows you to add up to one million contacts and has an unlimited number of users.


With VWO (Visual Web Optimizer), conversion rate optimization (CRO), which can be a bit esoteric, need not be. It tracks users' page scrolling, time spent on the website, and desire to leave. The ability to test various angles for your website to boost conversion rates is the strength of VWO. You can quickly test button colours, headlines, landing page designs, and many other aspects using VWO. To set up tests, you don't need to be technically inclined. Setting up tests is just as easy for non-technical individuals without any coding experience as it is for a developer.


You will require competitive intelligence to increase traffic to your website. It offers more than 50 tools to help you compete with your opponents. Semrush is primarily known as an SEO tool, but that may be underestimating it since it also has a number of other features for digital marketing strategy. Semrush, for instance, provides features for competitive social media analysis, CRO, PPC monitoring, and PR tracking. If you're looking for a set of tools to compete against the avalanche of competitors trying to drive you out of business, Semrush offers a strong line of defence.


In the past, letters, smoke signals, and carrier pigeons were the primary means of communication. Slack is now the preferred method of communication for millions of people. Slack is the next evolution of communication. You can share a number of file formats on the site and send instant messages. In order to boost productivity, Slack also connects you to video conference calls and lets you set up channels for a particular contact list. Additionally, it works well with a variety of other tools and productivity packages.


It's not always a linear progression to find the path of least resistance. Asana, an advanced digital marketing tools was aware of this when they launched this excellent project management solution. Project managers, product managers, and executives can track team members' activities with the aid of Asana and hold them responsible. Smaller tasks that are a component of bigger tasks may be assigned to team members.

Additionally, you can create milestones, and by tagging tasks, the entire organisation can see how projects are progressing. Asana also integrates with a number of other third-party apps and CRM platforms via API integrations. Additionally, Asana is free to use to get started.


OptinMonster tools used in digital marketing deliver advanced functionality to end-users that is concealed in simplicity, regardless of whether you are a startup, small business, or even an enterprise-level organisation with a WordPress site or blog. It offers a highly customizable lightbox popup for collecting emails, countdown timers, inline forms, content locks, and targeted campaigns based on Google Analytics data to the platform's seamless integration.


To enhance email open rates, ConvertKit digital marketing tools in India offers sophisticated multi-step email journey sequences. Its audience segmentation system, also referred to as its rules, offers sophisticated automation for your email sequences, which you can create in a matter of minutes as opposed to hours. Additionally, all links added to your email sequences are monitored and reported in a simple dashboard.

You can also create stunning email opt-in forms with ConvertKit that are simple to integrate with the CRM platform of your choice by copying and pasting code into your articles. If you want an economical, user-friendly email marketing platform with advanced automation and segmentation and a range of API connectors, check out ConvertKit.


The amount of business you can bring to your company depends on your landing pages. If you are running PPC campaigns, for instance, Google ads will assign a landing page quality score that could either help or hinder your efforts to increase sales. With Unbounce, you can create functional and aesthetically pleasing responsive landing pages that are optimised for both mobile and desktop traffic. There is no programming required to create landing pages.

You have everything you need in the drag-and-drop editor to create the experience you want for your target audience. Javascript and custom HTML are options if you want to add more sophisticated functionality. Over 120 third-party application integrations are available through Unbounce. Smart traffic, an AI innovation, can dynamically direct your traffic to the variant of your landing page that converts best conversion rates.


Buzzsumo is a social media tool that James Blackwell and Henley Wing created, and it has completely revolutionised the marketing industry. Look no further if you need a tool to understand social media analytics at its core. A few Buzzsumo features that will give you an edge over your rivals include finding social media influencers, creating trending journalist profiles, and viewing the most shared content.


Whatever area of digital marketing you specialise in, automating your marketing is now a necessity. These top digital marketing tools can assist you in automating particular tasks, saving time, and ultimately increasing revenue for your company. Consider including these digital marketing tools for small businesses and big businesses in your tech stack if you are a startup founder, blogger, or owner of a small business operating online.

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