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Protein Quest

Investor Deck

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The Client

Embark Health Inc. is a manufacturer of terpenes and cannabinoids serving the Canadian and global medical and recreational market. They offer a wide variety of products, cannabinoids, and terpenes like limonene, beta-caryophyllene, and alpha-pinene to their customers. 


Protein Quest was established as a brand under "Embark Health," a Canada-based worldwide leader in cannabis extraction.

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The Brief

The project was initiated by them with branding. PQ came to WorkLooper to design the investor pitch deck they would use to pitch investors about their company. Before the investor pitch deck, we were tasked with creating a logo for their business.


Making a logo that would accurately represent their brand was the first step. We collaborated with PQ's team, who had been working on their own design but were seeking expert assistance. We made full use of this opportunity to know more about the company's objectives, the sort of image they wanted to leave on prospective investors, and what they wanted people to think when they saw the logo. After that, we made multiple iterations based on their suggestions until we found the ideal version that was accepted and applauded by everyone.

The Protein Quest team then approached us with a request for assistance in designing an investor pitch deck for their business. They were introducing a new product and wanted to showcase it in the best possible way.


We chose to go ahead and make the pitch deck as we were already working on their logo design. It was a great chance for us to understand how our work will be used in practice. We received the raw data in Microsoft PowerPoint, on which we had to create the pitch deck design.

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The Process

Working with PQ to create a logo for their new company was a delight for us. We had a thorough knowledge of the client's business and intended market thanks to the information they provided, so we were aware of everything they wanted in a new logo. In accordance with the company's specialty, we initially created and offered logo options. The client was offered a number of options, and after selecting one from the initial draft, changes were made in response to the client's feedback, and the final logo was delivered.


A logo serves as a representation of the company’s values. Data from PQ and its branding were used to create the pitch deck's concept. The layout was afterward created with the help of infographics. After being completed, the infographics were imported in picture format to a PowerPoint presentation. They were originally created in Adobe Illustrator. This pitch deck has a very straightforward and simple color palette, which gives it a more polished and aesthetic appearance.


We designed the presentation's tables and figures in PowerPoint to make sure they were all structured appropriately. This made it possible for us to make any adjustments quickly and simply. Microsoft Excel was used to design the charts, and PowerPoint was connected to it. The finished item was branded with the business's color. 


Using Photoshop, we also altered a few of the photographs for the team members. After producing our initial set of slides, we created a master template that any team member of the client could utilize to create future presentations without compromising formatting.

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The Challenge

A excellent approach for providing information is using infographics. They can be used to demonstrate a particular idea or a trend over time. Infographics assist the viewer in understanding the information better since they are more visually attractive than tables and graphs.


We had to include a wide variety of data in our presentation, including our own survey data, survey data from other businesses, survey data from websites that specialize in market research, etc. We chose to make infographics for all of it since we wanted to display it all in an appealing way.


When it comes to PowerPoint's creative capabilities, there are some restrictions that are hard to ignore. Since we had to create all of the infographics and pie charts, we had to create them in Adobe Illustrator first and then import them into PPT as images. It was difficult to fit the design infographic and the huge amount of technical data into one slide.

We had to offer two sizes for the presentation when we were creating them. The first size was designed for widescreen, while the second was a custom one. After the widescreen version was approved, we had to format all of the slides once more in a custom size. In order to change the number and connect back to the file, we had to repeatedly switch between PPT and Excel since the tables would undergo several modifications. 


The presentation looked quite professional and turned out pretty nicely. The client thought favorably of the pitch deck. We gave the finished product as an open PowerPoint file together with a PSD file with the manipulated images so that clients may modify any information in the future without relying on others.


The Result

The project was finished and delivered on schedule. Due to the presentation's appearance of being very professional, the client was really happy.

The pitch deck was also positively received by the client. In order to provide the client the freedom to change any material at any time in the future without relying on others, we sent the finished output as an open PowerPoint file along with a PSD file of the modified photos.

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The raw data shared by client
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The delivered output
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Working with WorkLooper was a great experience. I would totally recommend them for their professionalism, knowledge and skills.

— ANA ROMAN, Consultant
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