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Learning App for kids

The Client

Sunflower Publisher Pvt. Ltd. is a publishing business that specializes in printed educational books for children aged one to seven. They publish books that teach basic skills and build confidence. Their books are designed to help your child develop their imagination, become more comfortable with their surroundings, and have fun while learning. RG Vision provides teachers and parents with a wide range of reading materials that help to make learning fun and exciting for young children. The books contain practical activities, puzzles, games, songs, and stories that can be used both at home and in school settings.

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The Brief

They came up with the idea of designing and developing a learning and development software for youngsters. Currently, there is an app named Kiddopia on the Play Store. Kiddopia is a learning solution for children that is based on technology and specializes in teaching young kids, to develop their skills and make the most of their potential. So, they intended to create a comparable module where they could provide e-learning for kids, with options such as movies, ebooks, poems, and fun learning activities. Through the use of apps, platforms, and kid-friendly tools, RG Vision provides children with engaging educational content at an early age — so that they can be inspired to reach for the stars!

They also designed a section that would allow parents to keep track of their children's activities and other data.

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The Process

Initially, to best engage students and create a positive learning environment, the UI of the mobile application was created to include a wide variety of activities and games. This includes puzzles, reading ebooks, and watching educational movies. The content will be different for each age group, starting with a beginner's level for the youngest children and continuing up through an older grade-school level.


The entire UI was created in Adobe Photoshop, with the characters being created in vector format and then exported as layers. We began development when the UI was approved. The app was created in Unity, where the front-end UI was completed initially. All of the characters in the user interface were animated, and the background transitioned from day to night. The admin has been made dynamic, allowing all films and ebooks to be dynamically uploaded under each category.

We used Photoshop to create the UI, the characters were created in vector format and then exported as layers. We began development when the UI was approved. The app was created in Unity, where the front-end UI was completed initially. We decided to work with a number of comic characters in order to make the story more appealing. Next, we created a background animation that showed day turning into the night - it gave the game an exciting appearance. The main character was animated using the Mecanim tool and basic movements such as running, jumping, and idle animations were designed in order to complete each character’s characteristics. The admin is made dynamic so all the videos, ebooks can be uploaded dynamically under each category.


With this game, we had to use a new mechanism for movement and animation, so we ditched sprites and began using the drag-and-drop functionality in Construct 2. We also had to create a number of characters and an animated background for each one. Since the graphics were made for a mobile-first approach, there was a lot of thought put into how we could make them work on computers as well. For the Ebooks, we used GIFs that worked within the PDF format. We created our own animations with Construct 2 using the camera plugin, in order to capture all the illustration details accurately. From here forward all characters are drawn by hand and then exported as static images.

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The Challenge

Firstly, we had a unique challenge. The app they wanted us to develop was intended for kids aged 1-7 — a tricky crowd, who are often resistant to change and like what's familiar. The app also needed to be engaging and even fun for kids, and the story needed to be both cute and appealing to the eye.

Secondly, Because there were too many videos and ebooks, the app's size was too large, and we had to compress it to keep it under control. The major challenge of creating the app was getting all the different characters into the animation. The characters were needed in different layers to complete their animations, so it took a little longer to complete the slicing for all the screens. The initial step was to determine what we wanted to achieve and charted out a cycle of mock-ups. This helped us visually plan out how best to present our ideas and work from start to finish. The "User Experience" (UX) design phase involved creating several sketches and wireframes of how we envisioned the app working. This process helps us to define what we want our final product to look like and feel like.


The Result

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The 2 modules
Development of the parent tab
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Collaborated with WorkLooper a while back for developing the application & digital games for our product. Ever since the collaboration, it's been a super smooth ride for us. The team goes an extra mile to get what’s needed. We needed a child-friendly app for our early learners, and the creative team at Worklooper did a great job at achieving the same.

I would highly recommend WorkLooper.

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